Quote 5

“When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect men to remain good.”

Ayn Rand

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Thoughts 16

Do statists always truly believe they are “progressives”? There is certainly nothing progressive about the idea of the government controlling everything.  Or, do they just need to call their never ending power grab something clever to recruit and keep their minions.

I have always been baffled by the seemingly unending supply of people so blindly faithful to other men whose clearly stated goal is to take their freedom.  I guess we can’t call it what it really is. But this time when the state controls every fucking thing its “progressive”.  Now,  doesn’t that sound better at your cocktail parties than “statism”?

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Quote 4

“If you have the ability and power to change your fate,  then that is your fate”


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Quote 3

“If you make poverty easy, you’ll have more of it.”

Benjamin Franklin

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Thoughts 14 “Rebels”

Every teenager or college age kid thinks their particular  bubble gum bullshit is important.  The difference with the hippies is that they still do.  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard  a Bob Dylan tune on a laundry detergent commercial by now.  Is it still important? Is it possible hippies were never as important as they still think they were.  Haven’t their simple minded notions on public policy and rebelling against the system become mainstream?

Well I don’t agree with the hippies one bit.  Who’s the rebel now assholes?

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Thoughts 13 “Where have all the cowboys gone?”

It seems to have happened seemlessly.  Grown men over 40 with children acting like children.  The entirety of their lives absorbed in playing; the playing taking priority over all things.  Playing being taken so seriously, more seriously than all other things.  “Men” acting, doing, and living in a way we could’ve never imagined our fathers.

“Daddy why can’t we afford for me to go to college?”  “I’m sorry son, I never realized how expensive all of these tats would be, but at least I look like a bohemian, hippie, dufus wannabe asshole and have a Harley,  jetski, Land Rover and live a “balanced” life, and that’s worth something.  Why don’t do just chill and have another Red Bull.”

Something has changed, and its not for the better.

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Quote 2

“Everyone has his private tragedy”

Christopher Moore

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